What is SEO?

Most people are familiar with the concept of “selfie’s” in this age of Facebook and Instagram. While good graphic designing will give your website and Online ad campaigns a properly posed “selfie,” it will take the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to send your desired image to as much of the world as possible. SEO will actually allow your business to harness the broadest Online reach possible by making sure the right keywords are inserted into your business literature online.

If your business is pet grooming, you may want to pepper your Online homepage and company advertisements with SEO terms like “adorable puppies” and “perfect poodle.” If your family has recently decided to sell and deliver pizza pies, you may want to put descriptions in your company web language that meshes local identifiers like “city name” with hungry ideas like “quick pizza” or “to-go Italian.”

Ideally, SEO terms should be included both the behind-the-scenes web-coding of a company’s page and the content that is posted for public consumption on the company website. If you have a business, make sure that your best image gets out to as many friends, and friends of friends, as possible. Proper and aggressive search engine optimization will launch your company image down many varied lines of Online communication. It can allow your dreams of expansion to blossom.

Again, it is important to think about how customers identify your company. You should consider that and choose your search (SEO) terms accordingly. If you are running a tire replacement business, you might want to combine the terms “city name” with spur-of-the-moment search terms people have during such car emergencies; perhaps you could use “tire replacement” or “Brand Name(s)-of-tires you carry” plus “discount” for such purposes.

No matter what combination of unique and product-identifying terms you choose, experimenting with and continually employing the power of SEO in your web language will allow you to see increased visibility for your businesses “best image.”